By Matt Binder

Signal users' phone numbers exposed in major Twilio hack

Apple delayed Telegram's iOS app update due to unauthorized use of its emoji

$23 million YouTube music royalties heist is a reminder online copyright is deeply flawed

Amazon vacuums up Roomba maker iRobot, sparking immediate privacy concerns

Meta is secretly testing a Twitch-like platform called Super

How fraudulent DMCA takedowns censored a prominent cryptocurrency critic on Substack

Taylor Swift can't stop emitting CO2 with her private plane. The internet can't stop cracking jokes.

No, Elon Musk. There's no conspiracy behind low engagement on Twitter. It's summer.

YouTube creators can now quickly make Shorts from their long-form videos

Democrats score a major political win…over Disney and Hulu

Democratic candidates want to run ads on climate change, abortion, and guns. Hulu won't let them.

Twitch now lets you share ban lists with other channels and stomp out trolls

Tesla now has its very own lane at the U.S.-Mexico border for some reason

Minecraft says it wants nothing to do with NFTs, blockchain

Apple agrees to $50 million settlement over MacBook's old defective butterfly keyboards

Overstock's former CEO tried to help Trump overturn the 2020 election, meets with Jan. 6 committee

Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Dems are coming for crypto miners

A once-lost WWE wrestling match just resurfaced on Instagram

Elon Musk torpedoed Trump's possible Twitter return and now they're feuding

It's official: Twitter sues Elon Musk for backing out of takeover

Dr. Pepper got the worst kind of 'product placement' in Jan. 6 hearing

False YouTube copyright claim takes down Lofi Girl's years-long livestream
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